Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Few Updates and Minimum Requirements

I developed this game to work for both the PC and the 360. Since most people were going to be playing my game on the 360 I only put info on the 360 controls in my game. I changed the info to include PC controls as well. Also, if you would like to change the key mappings you can edit settings.xml and change the key that maps to a specific XBox control. For example if I wanted to change the key that pauses, I would change the key mapping for the start button:

Change this:


To this:


Now G pauses the game.

There are some gameplay options you can change as well in the settings.xml. I wouldn't recommend changing these as they have been tweaked for your optimum enjoyment.

Also, I added the ability to skip the intro screens by hitting escape. Having to wait 17 seconds everytime the game starts was the pain in the ass, especially for me.

Missile Defender 2?

If I generate enough interest I will maybe make a new version of Missile Defender. Here are some things I'm thinking of adding.

  • Two Player (Co-op and/or versues)
  • Ability to upload high-score to an online database
  • Unique enemy movements
  • More Levels
  • Networking for Two players
  • More powerups
Minimum Requirements

I'm not sure what the minimum requirements of my game is, but you do need a decent and recent video card. The computers at my lab (GeForce 5200) could not run them for !%$#. My old computer with a radeon 9800 could run it with a little bit of slow down. Anyways, if it's too slow, let me know what kind of computer you have. I may do some optimizing if I have time.

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