Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome to My New Blog!

Good morning everyone! I've decided to create a little web space to talk about the video games I've been working on as a hobby. A few years ago, I took a games programming class at Texas Tech and created a few games using SDL and OpenGL. Ever since, I've been addicted to video game development. I started taking graduate classes at UNM last semester to possibly get my masters in Computer Science. My first class was Computer Graphics. Our final project was to create a game using XNA. It was suggested that we work in groups of three but since I already dabbled with the XNA framework before, I decided to go it alone. At the end of the semester, we had a video game competition where judges (developers from various video game companies) came down to judge our games. To my surprise, Missile Defender got first place!

At this point, some of you may wondering how good a game has to be to win first prize in a college graphics course. Well in my opinion, not that good =), but it doesn't matter because you'll be able to judge for yourselves. I will upload the game by the end of this week, and provide a small web page describing what it's about, how to play it, etc.

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